B.S.Industries is a family owned business. This line of activity was started 1954. Prior to that we were importers, of playing cards, from all over the world. We were the pioneers to manufacture playing cards indigenously. This firm, B.S Industries, was established mainly with a view to cater to the international market.


B.S. Industries has been handling export orders, exporting containers to Saudi Arabia, U.S., Canada, U.A.E. and the West African region, competing with the worlds playing card manufacturers. We are capable of supplying 70,000 decks a day. With a new die punching machine, the production has increased by 30,000 decks a day. Besides this, we also have the single die punchers which give casino finish cards. The capacity here is 40,000 decks a day.

  Premiums and Giveaways

We had supplied the Pokemon promotion cards to Hindustan Lever Limited for Kissan Pokemon cards. We also supplied the Pokemon chase cards to Perfetti Van Melle India Ltd. Currently we are supplying cards to Perfetti for their promotions. Besides these, in the past we have supplied playing cards to most reputed liquor companies like Shaw Wallace, U.B. Group, MC Dowells, United Distillers, Castle Douglas Industries, etc. Regular clients also include Castrol India Ltd, Gujarat Ambuja Cement Ltd., Birla Cement Ltd., ITC Ltd., etc.

  Manufacturing Technology

Our expertise lies in our card manufacturing, collating and packing abilities. One of our clients, HLL was already working with a printer and were in a jam because their printers, though being very good and reputed, couldn't cope up with the demand and Kissan products sales were actually suffering due to the promotion after having paid the royalties to Pokemon. They were printing sheets at great speed but cutting,collating and packing in different combinations was difficult without automatic collating machines. We are capable of collating cards in any permutation and combination, at high speeds with 100 % accuracy. We have a flow wrapping machine and automatic over wrapping machine for perfect wrapping of the cards in pilfer proof packing. We have state of the art Heidelberg printing machines, Heidelberg Hot Stamping machines, Polar cutting machine, High Gloss varnishing machines, accurate cutting and collating machines. Each card is checked before being packed to ensu re there are no complaints from the market. We have trained labourers, working since 3 generations, doing the same job .Our printing machines are capable of printing on any surface including plastics and metallic foils. We are in the process of developing a holographic sticker with multi farious purposes for one of our clients who is interested in a new idea of premiums and is extremely cost effective. We have severe and stringent security measures. No unauthorised personal are allowed inside the production facilities. Electronic password controlled doors, round the clock security, 24 hrs surveillance systems and manual searching of the workforce ensures total security. This is extremely important to keep our customers secured about the playing cards they buy from B.S. Industries. This further ensures our client's clients are secured, leading to repeat orders for us and our clients. We use the strongest boxes, security seals and only screened labour and quality inspectors are permitted to enter. Efficiency and quality are our priority. 24 hours security, manual and automated checks throughout the entire production process by TRAINED SECURITY PERSONNEL is mandatory.

Every country has its own different requirement of playing cards. We can either offer you what we have or design for you a tailor made product to fit the requirement of your market. We can provide you a TOPNOTCH product or a mass marketing product. We can also manufacture card games, either totally designed by you or in suggestions from us. If you have an incomplete idea, we can complete it for you. We have a complete art visualization team with state of the art computers to give accurate and beautiful designs. We can make cards of ANY SIZE OR SHAPE. We can use the most economical raw material or the most sophisticated ones. Playing cards, Promotional cards, Trading cards, Flash Cards, Card games, Apple shaped cards, Heart shaped cards, Round cards, 3-D shaped cards, Patriotic cards, Capsule shaped, Money shaped cards, Dice shaped cards, Cubes shaped cards. We can handle orders as small as 500 decks,with either metallic foil effects including holographic and prismatic effects. Kindly contact us for details.

The example to give you an idea of our capabilities- One of our clients is a jewellery manufacturer. He wanted to make a catalogue with 54 different jewellery designs displayed. He got the brilliant idea of getting a pack of cards made with all different designs on the faces or suits side(where the aces,jacks,queens,etc. are) and his company's logo on the back side. He gave an order for 500 decks,initially. His total order,in less than 6 months, has exceeded 150,000 decks. And the more one orders,the cheaper it gets per deck,as the processing cost gets amortized. He had taken part in an exhibition and wanted the deck in less than 3 days! We managed to click high quality photos, edit the photos, do the processing on our computers, take an approval of a digital proof, print the cards and deliver the cards to him in the exhibition hall,even before he had arrived.


Packing options :

Standard Packing

•  Paper box : Monocarbours made as regular playing card boxes with or without logo, with or without window can be supplied, depending upon quantities and budgets. Paper hang sell boxes can be accommodated for retail sales.

•  Metallic boxes : These boxes are metallized to give a rich look. These can also be supplied with or without printing, with or without window. Hangsell boxes can be accommodated for retail sales.

•  Plastic boxes : Hard plastic boxes with transparent top covers with or without logo can be supplied for single or double packs.

•  Suede boxes : Suede boxes with metallic imprints can also be supplied for the rich velvetty effect. It is a pleasure to pick up or keep a deck in suede boxes.

•  Blister for hang sell : We can supply cards with blister packing with full display of cards in your shape, emphasizing on your point of sales.

•  Pillow packing : We have automatic flow wrapping machines which can pack cards in individual pillows or as a chain of packs. This ensures the customer's attention when he or she walks in a retail store. Opaque, printed, transparent, metallic foils,holographic or prismatic foils can be used.

Deluxe packing

•  P.V.C Playing card holder : PVC wallers holding one deck, two decks, a deck with counters or dice, notepad and a pen, ANYTHING that you or your client wants. With or without logo, transparent or opaque, with or without printing, everything is possible.

•  Tin packaging : A TIN box ensures advertisement for a long long time. The cards may or can be damaged over a long period of time but a printed tin box can be used for storing anotherdeck of cards or button or needles or whatever the consumer desires.

•  Mahogany / Oak/ Rosewood/ White Cedar/ Wood Veneer boxes : Wood has ALWAYS given a RICH look. We have developed special wooden boxes. These are not being displayed on our site, as there can be misuse of our ideas by not so creative manufactures. Kindly contact us for details.

•  Leather playing card Holder : We can supply the P.V.C playing card holder in 100% pure leather, too. Leather is leather. Nothing can feel, touch or smell like leather.